Our Story


At Deir Al Kalaa Country Club, our mission is to be a thriving and dynamic destination that continually expands and enhances our offerings, providing exceptional experiences and amenities that cater to the evolving needs of our esteemed members.

We are dedicated to fostering a vibrant and welcoming culture, where our members feel valued, connected, and cherished as an integral part of our community.

Central to our mission is creating a safe, secure, and healthy environment, where every member and guest can fully enjoy the pleasures of our club with peace of mind.

Through a relentless commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed expectations, delivering unparalleled service and maintaining the highest standards of quality in all aspects of our operations.

At the heart of our country club lies a passion for elevating the lives of our members and their families while enriching social connections.

We are looking to ensure that our legacy of exceptional service and unparalleled experiences sets the stage for a brighter future, and creates cherished and lasting memories for our members and their loved ones.

Raja Blanco - CEO


Nestled on a site cherished by Phoenicians and Romans of the past, Deir Al Kalaa Country Club has come to life, thanks to fate and favorable weather. Surrounded by a breathtaking vista, spanning from the majestic Sassine snowy mountains to the renowned Lamartine's valley, our club embraces a heritage of timeless beauty and natural wonder.


Deir Al Kalaa Country Club is a haven for families seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Boasting an exquisite Mediterranean-inspired architecture that blends seamlessly with its idyllic surroundings, our club is perched on the sun-drenched hill of Beit Mery, offering breathtaking views of the majestic Lebanese mountain range.

Our lush greenery, consisting of sprawling pine and olive trees, provide the perfect backdrop for year-round outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for family outings, sports enthusiasts, and social gatherings. With a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation, Deir Al Kalaa Country Club is truly a gem that is not to be missed.


As soon as you catch sight of the ruins of Deir A Kalaa, a sense of anticipation begins to build, signaling the start of a dramatic shift in scenery. The road leading to our club meanders through a lush pine forest, culminating in a vibrant alleyway teeming with a stunning array of blooming flowers.


Experience our exceptional hospitality.